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Coffee & Tea Lounge "Kuranite"

  • The "Kuranite" premises of this building is a reinforced concrete structure that is at the forefront of the technology built at the time of the Taisho (time period) 15 Earthquake.
    About 10 years ago from now it has been reborn as a coffee corner, still still popular as a specialty "coffee & tea lounge".
    The appearance is almost the same as it used to be, but to a structure that lifted the first and second floors, raised the ceiling and made use of the splendid beam.
    Beams painted black according to the color of the chair also play a role of tightening the sense of openness and space.

    In the warehouse is another world itself.Why do not you enjoy your time while relaxing with tasty coffee?
  • Homemade rare cheesecake with fresh cream is 500 yen, it has softness and it is soft.
    1,000 yen for a cake set.
    Hot is a Nell drip formula which is ground every order, and Dutch coffee which Ice was dropped over all day and night with a dedicated water dripper is a waste of time and time consuming.

    (There are other menus)

Other facilities in facilities

■, Ballroom / Salon

  • You can enjoy karaoke with state-of-the-art equipment such as automatic lighting in the hall of 91 square meters
  • Seats and chair seats are available for 70 people.You can also prepare tea ceremony in Oh tea kiln

■, A large bath

  • Women's bath
  • Men

Soak in the spacious bathtub and heal the tiredness of the trip (it is not a hot spring)

■, Restaurant / dining room

  • There are 12 seats with a small rise and 18 seats for a seat in a chair
  • .

■, Lobby / Front Desk

  • There is also a discourse corner in the lobby, which can also be used for meeting