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Enjoy fresh seafood from the Sagami Bay, right in Shiosai Kaiseki Cuisine, and enjoy the Shiosai Kaiseki Cuisine of the chef of the hotel's chief chef who was particular about the ingredients of the seasonal mountain of Tanzawa

Evening meal

  • ■Luxurious Shiosai Kaiseki Cuisine

    It is the best-selling dish of our hotel.If you do not like fish fish, it is a course of sashimi of Ise shrimp with thick thick sashimi
  • ■Gourmet course Kaiseki Cuisine

    The seasonal season sea and mountain ingredients were tailor - made for the cuisine by the chief chef so that anyone could eat it easily.
  • ■Japanese Spiny Lobster Jumbo 250-300g multi-course meals

    It's a little big, please specify boil, incense grill, onigira-yaki
    It will be added to the gourmet course's Kaiseki cuisine
  • ■Abalone 200-250 g of a special meal

    I think that you can satisfy the eating answer of super size with black abalone.Steamed liquor, please specify steak