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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can not find it even in the "surroundings" of the car navigation system?

    The front entrance faces National Route 1 (Tokaido) of the National Route 1, but as the picture shows, the building is at the back, so thereContinue reading
  • Can I have dinner in the room·

    Although we are sorry indeed, we do not set the "Room delivery" at all rates except "Dinner is a room sashi plan".Only when there is a custoContinue reading
  • Is it okay if I take pets?

    We can not accept at the hotel, but we will keep it at a nearby veterinarian.(There is a charge)
  • Those wishing to check in early

    Those who wish to check in early, we will accept from 13 o'clock.In this case, 2,000 yen will be charged separately (including children) sepContinue reading
  • ★Could you please prepare a birthday cake?

    We will prepare birthday cakes of Shonan and Oiso's famous restaurant "Shigi Shigitatsu-tei". 2 to 3 people in 4 inch (about 12 cm) and 4 toContinue reading
  • What other measures are available for allergic infants?

    We do not set meals for children under 3 years old (infant) at this facility, so we would like you to understand and acknowledge it. Adults Continue reading
  • Since I want to go to the sea, can I leave baggage and cars?

    In case of staying, we will keep it at any time after 10:00 am.In case of earlier time, please call by the day before.Also, it is OK until 2Continue reading
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?

    As you can see in the picture, the National Route 1 is facing. There are 1 convenience store within 100 meters, 2 inside 150 meters.
  • Shonan International Marathon will participate in the Shonan International Marathon, but can I leave my car?

    On that day it is OK until 4 pm after check out.Please do your best at ease.The shuttle bus is operated and it is a 2-minute walk from the cContinue reading
  • Do I need a deposit?

    Although it is stated also in the reservation guide, it is only the Golden Week, Bon Festival, Year-end / New Year period that we need the rContinue reading
  • I wonder if I will be in time for dinner at 6 o'clock in a traffic jam, what time is it?

    Dinner is the last time at 7:30, but we will wait until 8 o'clock when we will contact you about your situation.On the first day and the nexContinue reading

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